ライセンス Apache
カテゴリ application
ユーザ数 2


プラグイン opPluginChannelServerPlugin
バージョン 1.0.1
安定性 stable
リリースノート Add many features and fix for plugins.openpne.jp.
- Added ability to accept Chiara_PEAR_Server_REST format parameter
- Package files are now cached
- Fixed xml syntax in allreleases.xml
- Fixed the releasing command example is wrong
- Fixed White Screen of Death in the plugin-release detail page if the release doesn't have a valid package.xml
- Added the listRecentRelease page
- Fixed sort-order in a list of the releases of a plugin
- replaced "symfony" to "./symfony" in all command examples
- Added an information for the "PEAR Account" field
- Added ability to display Hatena-bookmark and Hatena-star
- Added ability to syndicate Atom feed for the recently release information
- Added the sideMenu gadget
- Added the plugin search box gadget
- Added ability to output empty dependency text
- Added ability to configure package download url
- Added the PEAR::Services_Amazon_S3
- Added ability to store tgz file to S3 (if S3-account is configured)
- Added ability to cache output for the specified API
- Changed channel.xml to send Etag header
利用できる OpenPNE のバージョン

OpenPNE 3.5.0 以上で利用可能

  • 5.2.3 以上
インストール方法 プラグインをインストールします。
$ ./symfony opPlugin:install opPluginChannelServerPlugin -r 1.0.1

$ ./symfony openpne:migrate --target=opPluginChannelServerPlugin
ダウンロード http://get.openpne.jp/opPluginChannelServerPlugin-1.0.1.tgz